Vision for Thoughtful Leadership

“Having worked closely with Roger over the past several years, I can say he is world class. As an advisor and professional coach, Roger’s unique gift is his ability to nurture the very best his clients have to offer. Balancing equal parts empathy & honesty, Roger is an effective and tenacious advocate & mentor for all his clients…”

“Roger’s professional and philanthropic legacy in the community is already profound. He is certainly among the most talented professionals I have met in the field of human capital development.”

“Roger is extraordinary in bringing balance to human relations issues, bottom line and overall efficiency of an organization! His coaching skills for executives and teams are among the best I have experienced.”

“Roger is without a doubt, one of the consummate professionals it has been my privilege to work with. He partnered with me in an early dot com enterprise and provided a clear-eyed and focused understanding of the risks and potential rewards of that undertaking, seeing the proverbial handwriting on the wall before I did and unflinchingly calling it as he saw it.

“I’ve had Roger in my corner for over ten years. Roger has helped me significantly increase my leadership skills and effectiveness. His energy, ideas and process are just exceptional. There is no superior Continuing Leadership Educational Program available. I’m recommending him to the CAREER COACHING Hall of Fame!”

Career Management Focus, Discipline & Persistence

“I have had the pleasure of working with Roger as my Executive Coach for the past few years. Roger has been an invaluable resource to me as I personally navigate my career as an executive. The tools Roger has given me come into play every day, and I know I would not be as successful or as happy in my own success without Roger’s guidance.”

“I have interacted with other career coaches and Roger is simply without peer. I highly recommend Roger for anyone looking to navigate change, advance their career and create personal and professional success.”

“Roger was a constant source of knowledge, encouragement and inspiration to me and the entire Board. He has extensive experience with not-for-profit governance and all aspects of human resource management and was a stellar leader while serving as President of the Board.”

“Roger did a superb job with our beautifully complex organization. Our CEO truly enjoyed working with him and thought the two of them were “kindred spirits”. Everyone here is thrilled with the results we achieved together.”

“We have used Roger for multiple engagements; primarily executive coaching and leadership development, with one recruiting assignment thrown in for good measure. Roger is a great talent and a great fit for our company. He is “to the point” and outcome oriented. He has worked with our most senior managers, who appreciate his insight, forthrightness and solutions orientation.”

“As a coach, Roger is insightful and extremely helpful. He has an uncanny ability to read between the lines, provide insight into issues, challenge his clients to face up to issues, and provide coaching insights. He has been integral to helping me advance in my career and would recommend him to anyone.”

Building Positive Culture & Alliances for Team Success

“There is some tough important work ahead and we hope to work through that as well with Roger by our side. Roger has a way of getting each staff member to feel comfortable enough to tell him the truth during his assessments. I value Roger’s expert guidance and kindness. Roger is the “real deal”. Cheers to him! “

“Roger has helped resolve internal issues before they became a problem…most often easier to have it done by an objective outsider with better results than internally. Team efficiency and better communications skills convert to better net bottom line very quickly!”

“I have seen clear positive results in terms of increased management productivity and enhanced team effectiveness. Roger has helped make our good managers better and our top managers excel. And he has done so working in a flexible and responsive manner that fits our work style and culture.”

“After being elected Board President, I truly got to see him shine. His leadership propelled the board of directors to a new level. Both recruiting and governance were improved, relations with our national organization solidified, and the overall energy of the organization was impacted by his oversight.”

“I saw Roger personally invest thousands of hours of his time – driving critical leadership and capital development initiatives that have made the Burlington Boys & Girls Club one of the State’s most vibrant and impactful not-for-profit entities.”

“Roger is insightful; he understands business, organizational dynamics and interpersonal relations. He is approachable and is able to connect with people from all walks of life. I trust his advice.”