Case Studies

Roger has worked with countless clients to advance careers, coach executives, develop boards, and develop organizations. The following case studies reveal his approach to building partnerships and proven success with clients.

Executive Coaching for High Potential Leader

This vital member of the leadership team, working for a highly visible division of a major multi-national corporation, was considered a high-potential executive. However, he found challenges in his leadership style and executive presence. Roger was retained by the CEO and CFO to work closely with this executive. Though the individual was extremely competent and successful, he is leadership approach did not resonate with the corporate culture. The key goals were to soften the executive’s edge and build a more successful corporate presence and leadership style. Roger provided real-time leadership coaching pertaining to team-building and successful collaboration. With these new skills, the individual excelled and was promoted to a more senior executive role within the corporation.

Executive Coaching for Upward Mobility and Growth

A key leader working for a prominent industry leader needed to amend his leadership style to ensure a successful career and to maximize productivity and morale for individuals working within his area of accountability. Roger was retained and the individual was given an option to improve his executive presence or to move on to a different organization where the fit and career potential was greater. The individual and organization agreed to a parallel path approach. The individual worked tirelessly with Roger to enhance his leadership approach through one-on-one coaching and real-time strategy, and challenges. He developed greater sensitivity to potential outcomes, strategic problem solving, listening skills development, and collaboration. At the same time, he pursed key opportunities that were potentially beneficial to all stakeholders. The individual eventually moved on for a significant promotional opportunity at a highly respected organization, where he further enhanced his career.

Organizational Development Through Mergers

A leading smaller niche organization chose to merge with a larger market leader. Roger worked closely with the incumbent CEO and board of the smaller organization during the acquisition and assimilation process. He provided input on critical leadership issues, staffing, employee relations, organizational problem solving, and future governance strategy. The firm was successfully assimilated, and yet several years later, the larger organization made a strategic decision to streamline their delivery model. Roger returned to assist in the successful negotiations of a spin-off of the division as an independent entity.

Reorganizing Leadership for Long Term Success

During the transition of CEOs, a private equity firm determined the critical need of a smooth transition for all stakeholders. Roger worked with all key leaders and select board members to streamline the leadership and cultural changes inherent in the process. He encouraged the new CEO to support the transitioning leadership and learn vital information for the long-term success of the organization. In addition, Roger provided ongoing real-time support and input for the reorganization process. He provided executive coaching input for the CEO and key existing and new leadership relating to critical problem-solving skills, staffing, recruitment, organizational and leadership strategies. The outcome was very successful for the business and key stakeholders.

Career Management Supports Dual Path to Success (and a Tony Award)

A talented attorney sought career coaching to find ways to express his creativity and love for the theater. Roger offered consistent support and finely honed career coaching input during this challenging career exploration. Without changing careers or jeopardizing financial security, this individual was able to explore his passion and conduct informational interviews while optimizing networking opportunities. Today, he continues to work as an attorney, but has also realized his dream as a Broadway theater producer and Tony Award winner.

Career Management for Advancement

As a key member of the one of the nation’s top multinational corporations, this financial executive sought a career change to a more nimble company with greater opportunities in finance and operations. Roger provided wise career coaching input during this individual’s career search. Through a masterful job search and intensive networking, Roger guided this person through several promotions and new employers. This career seeker has partnered with Roger as his career coach for many years as he has moved on to promotional opportunities in both Chief Financial Officer roles and now risen to Senior. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for his company.