Board Governance

RPE Board Governance Page ImageRoger has extensive experience in the critical area of Board Governance for non-profit organizations. Roger is highly respected in the non-profit community for his leadership roles. Working hand-in-hand with many board members, staff, and national leaders, he set a high bar for strategic visioning and fundraising goals while vigorously helping to reach these expectations. Roger’s vast skill set is highly unique and invaluable to any board, non-profit or organization.

Finding the Right People for Leadership

Choosing the right board members to skillfully direct an organization is vital to its success. Over the course of Roger’s career, he has attracted, recruited and help train numerous board members who have helped guide the organization to become among the top community non-profits. Roger has also served as Board President and has led human resources, board development, and strategic planning committees.

Another key factor to ensure successful board governance, is hiring the right professionals to execute the Board’s mission and vision. Roger’s talents enable him to assess prospective Executive Directors, Chief Professional Officers, and Development and Communications Directors based on his years of experience and professional accomplishments. He possesses the instinctual ability to analyze an organizational structure from top to bottom and pinpoint areas of success and improvements to maximize human capital.

Experience in Philanthropy

As a Board Member, he has also been a leader and collaborator in raising millions of dollars in philanthropic gifts and major grants. Roger was instrumental in securing a $1 million gift for operational and academic program support, the first of such kind in the organization’s history. He was also a key member of a small team that obtained a $1 million capital donation enabling construction of the first Hospice Residence in Connecticut.